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18 Tender Points
(Series #1)

In 1990 the American College of Rheumatology published the first paper naming the “condition” we know as Fibromyalgia. A very important initial part of the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia was 18 specific points of tenderness. These are not points of pain that are evaluated. A positive sign would be 11 out of 18 tender points.

Symptoms & Secondary Conditions (Series #2)

Fibromyalgia may have dozens of symptoms that are similar to many other conditions. Because of these similarities there is often a great deal of confusion between Fibromyalgia and other health conditions. We call these secondary conditions “white smoke”.

Patient Mapping & Diagnosis (Series #3)

Mapping is the diagnostic tool used by doctors to evaluate objectively the sequential reversal of Fibromyalgia. This objective testing should only be done by properly trained individuals in the Fibromyalgia Protocol.

Food Plan Diet & Inflammatory Symptoms (Series #4)

Fibromyalgia is a condition that has many and varied symptoms. To initially reduce these inflammatory symptoms we have attempted to remove as many foods that have been known to be inflammatory and/or addictive from the individual’s diet. These foods include Sugar, Gluten, Trans-fatty acids and Dairy.

72 Hour Food Allergy Response (Series #5)

After the Pre-Protocol is completed in approximately 3 weeks the patient is instructed to add one restricted food to their diet every 72 hours. Why 72 hours? Because the time required for the food to pass from the mouth to evacuation is approximately 65 hours. Three days or 72 hours is easier to work with.

Supplement Products
(Series #6)

My Pre-Protocol treatment consists of an anti-inflammatory program that includes a restricted hypoglycemic diet, the use of various anti-inflammatory supplements and a lot of dedication by my patients. The results have been nothing short of amazing.

Guaifenesin & Dr. St. Amand (Series #7)

The basis of Dr. St. Amand’s and my treatment program for Fibromyalgia patients is an innocuous substance called guaifenesin. In his research Dr. St. Amand, an MD, found guaifenesin pulls excess chemicals causing the Fibromyalgia reaction out of the cells and evacuating them out of the kidneys and urinary tract.

Other Fibromyalgia Videos

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Telltale Signs of Fibromyalgia

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You Can Treat Fibromyalgia Successfully

For many allopathic physicians, fibromyalgia and, to a somewhat lesser extent, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) do not fall into the allopathic practice of relying on objective findings to complete a proper diagnosis.

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