February 27, 2017

Fibromyalgia Worsens Function in RA Patients

Recent published research stated that those patients with Rheumatoid arthritis had higher pain levels if they also were diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. “Fibromyalgia is associated with worsening function in rheumatoid arthritis patients”.”The researchers noted that Fibromyalgia is a debilitating syndrome characterized by widespread, non-articular pain. The condition is more common in RA patients, with a prevalence […]

Fibromyalgia, Pain Management
January 29, 2017

Medical Hypocrisy Treating Fibromyalgia Patients Continues.

Stupidity, arrogance, ignorance are just a few terms that come to mind recently when a mother of a Fibromyalgia patient told me of how her daughter was treated when she had to go to the hospital. Those of you who know about Fibromylagia realize that this condition cannot be diagnosed through objective tests such as […]

December 18, 2016

2016 FIBROMYALGIA – The Good, Bad and not so Ugly

Every year at this time I like to review what we have been able to do to help all of our patients reach as high a level of health as possible. The “good” is that we have been able to help a lot of patients, whether or not they were patients with Fibromyalgia, automobile accidents, […]

November 28, 2016

Understanding accidents, Injuries and Accompanying Frustration

How interesting that I had planned on writing about a related topic and on the front page of the Arizona Republic today they covered the deadliest Phoenix area freeways. After this holiday weekend when I was part of the parade of vehicles attempting to get away with family and friends I can honestly say that […]

August 14, 2016

A Fibromyalgia Patient’s Sincere Description of Her Struggles.

A new Fibromyalgia patient of mine gave me a letter that described  many of the symptoms that, I’m sure, most patients suffer with. I’ve never had a patient write down in such a sincere emotional manner what they are going through. I’m sure many of you who suffer from this condition will recognize and agree […]

July 18, 2016

Doubts About a Successful Male Fibromyalgia Protocol

In early July I wrote a blog, posted to this website and our Facebook page, about a wonderful success story about a young gentleman in Arizona who was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and had tried the usual “everything.” He had just about given up when he heard about the success our patients were having with our treatment […]

July 3, 2016

Another Fibromyalgia Success Story – This Time a Male!

Most people, especially those in the field of health, still connect fibromyalgia to females. As I have mentioned numerous times in my book, Fibromyalgia: Falsehoods, Fakers & Facts, and blogs, the male was the initial individual that so often was diagnosed with this “unknown” condition. Fibromyalgia and its scientific quizzical symptoms, although nameless at the […]

June 22, 2016

From a Recent Anti-Aging Conference – Fibromyalgia, Alzheimers and Dementia

Many of the items I have espoused to concerning anti-inflammatory dietary changes for fibromyalgia patients, have come to the forefront when recent research studies confirm the need for these same changes. Fibromyalgia and inflammation go together and now research proves the relationship between an inflammatory diet, Alzheimers and dementia. I’ve mentioned in many of my blogs the […]

May 18, 2016

The 3-Month Fibromyalgia Miracle? No, This Protocol Just Works.

At the end of January this year I wrote a blog on a patient who went from literally totally being non-functional, to a health young lady ready to start her life all over. When I first met Miss X, in August 2015, she was brought into my clinic by her parents. They explained that for […]

April 9, 2016

The Dairy Question and Fibromyalgia

Isn’t it interesting that we are the only animal that requires another animal’s milk for nutrition? Have you ever considered this interesting fact? The Dairy Association spends big dollars $$$$ to remind us of the fact that we need milk every day and we need it even as adults. Yet there are many people who […]