July 16, 2017


I’ve received a number of responses from people who have taken the time to explain the successful answers for their Fibromyalgia condition. I’m very happy that your symptoms are reduced or gone.  If you have found a way to return to health either for yourself or a family member that is a wonderful thing. Having […]

July 9, 2017

Time for a National Fibromyalgia Conference Again!

Happy summer everyone. For Arizona citizens it is an extreme hot one which definitely affects those who suffer with Fibromyalgia. We are all looking forward to the cooler more comfortable days. For this summer a group of us are organizing a National Fibromyalgia Conference/Convention in Phoenix In November. We already have Dr. St.Amand and Claudia […]

May 25, 2017

Breast Implant and Fibromyalgia – Is there a Relationship?

A number of years ago I had a female patient that doubled as a famous female singer. Her resemblance to the singer was remarkable. After performances this patient double would be ushered through the crowd to a limo that the followers and photographers would converge on. While this was happening the star singer was going […]

April 8, 2017

FIBROMYALGIA – A Historical Review

First, Fibromyalgia is a CONDITION. Regardless of the many articles written by MD’S, Fibromyalgia is not an unknown health condition wrapped up in neurological mumbo jumbo. The problem that allopaths, MD’s, DO’s, have with the condition of Fibromyalgia is this disease cannot be diagnosed by the educational basis from which allopaths are trained. As a […]

March 13, 2017

Your Immune System and the Food You Eat

Quit simply your immune system keeps you healthy. However, it’s up to you as to what you do to weaken or strengthen it. Regardless of your present health condition your body’s immune system is constantly on guard for attacks from virus and bacterial invasion. There are other insidious problems just waiting in your body for […]

Allergies, Diet
February 27, 2017

Fibromyalgia Worsens Function in RA Patients

Recent published research stated that those patients with Rheumatoid arthritis had higher pain levels if they also were diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. “Fibromyalgia is associated with worsening function in rheumatoid arthritis patients”.”The researchers noted that Fibromyalgia is a debilitating syndrome characterized by widespread, non-articular pain. The condition is more common in RA patients, with a prevalence […]

Fibromyalgia, Pain Management
January 29, 2017

Medical Hypocrisy Treating Fibromyalgia Patients Continues.

Stupidity, arrogance, ignorance are just a few terms that come to mind recently when a mother of a Fibromyalgia patient told me of how her daughter was treated when she had to go to the hospital. Those of you who know about Fibromylagia realize that this condition cannot be diagnosed through objective tests such as […]

January 22, 2017

Happy New Year! The Weight Loss and Diet Rush to Nowhere!

My goodness.  We are under attack from diet and weight loss sales programs. From the well known company owners, like Oprah, to the old standards and new miracle programs they are taking over all the advertising in this new year.  Of course it seems every new year one of the first resolutions is to lose […]

December 18, 2016

2016 FIBROMYALGIA – The Good, Bad and not so Ugly

Every year at this time I like to review what we have been able to do to help all of our patients reach as high a level of health as possible. The “good” is that we have been able to help a lot of patients, whether or not they were patients with Fibromyalgia, automobile accidents, […]

November 28, 2016

Understanding accidents, Injuries and Accompanying Frustration

How interesting that I had planned on writing about a related topic and on the front page of the Arizona Republic today they covered the deadliest Phoenix area freeways. After this holiday weekend when I was part of the parade of vehicles attempting to get away with family and friends I can honestly say that […]