May 27, 2018

Floroquinolone a condition that mimics Fibromyalgia

Look out Fibromyalgia patients because there is another serious health condition that is brought on by a drug that is commonly prescribed for a number of health conditions such as sinus infection, bronchitis for those who already have COPD and urinary tract infections (UTI).  This drug has so many side effects that they not only mimic Fibromyalgia but also have at least twice as many complicating factors.

A few weeks ago a gentleman contacted me concerning weather or not he had Fibromyalgia. He had all the symptoms plus more. He had mentioned that he had taken a medication called quinolone that apparently triggered a number of serious side effects that caused disability. Apparently this drug has caused toxicity in the DNA in mitochondria. For Fibromyalgia patients that already have mitochondrial problems from lack of normal ATP production this is  a very serious matter.

Floroquinolone goes by the medical names of Levaquin, Cipro, Proquin, Avelox, and  Factive. For more than 15 years their has been concern raised on this products neurotoxicity in the form of peripheral neuropathy. Studies were done from 1997 to 2010 in which Quinolone was linked to 2500 deaths and 45000 negative side effect that were reported including most of the symptoms suffered by Fibromyalgia patients.

In 2002 research on this medication showed damage to the CNS, central nervous system. In 2005 studies reported side effects included injuries to the CNS, Cardiovascular, and musculoskeletal system including tendonitis and ruptures to the Achilles tendon. In 2008  the FDA finally placed warnings on this medication concerning possibility of tendon damage. In 2013 the FDA placed additional warning on the medication warning of nerve damage. In 2015 due to the number of patients sending in complaints from this medication the FDA produced a 617 page document outlining the problems with this drug and stating that the drug was no better than a placebo for the targeted conditions  and that it caused multiple systemic health problems including severe permanent disabilities. Finally in 2016 the FDA approved safety labeling on this medication and stated that the risks outweighed the benefits.

For more information go to the website and see the Live Video with more information on this really serious and deadly drug that is still on the market.

As I have said numerous times read the label and all the side effects of the medications you are taking because some of these drugs are exacerbating your existing symptoms.

Why is this high risk drug still on the market? This subject we will cover next on is the FDA helping us or helping kill us. I think you may be shocked at the information I will be dispensing.


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