November 25, 2017

Epilogue on my book – Fibromyalgia, Falsehoods, Fakers, and Facts

I have been requested to update my book  Fibromyalgia, Falsehoods, Fakers, and Facts.  My first version went through a revision and update two years ago. Epilogue is a condensed version of what has transpired since I wrote the book four years ago. Although one might think that fours years and already one revision might be a little much for one subject but this will give you an idea of how many developments have evolved in my clinic working with Fibromyalgia patients since 1990.

The good news is that we have had many patients process through our Fibromyalgia protocol successfully. Many patients have enjoyed years of healthy, happy pain free living as long as they stay on the protocol. I’ve stressed to all of the patients that like other conditions if you stray from the program your symptoms will return just like, for example, a diabetic. Many have told me their previous life of pain and suffering is a constant reminder to not stray from the program. Enjoying a normal pain free active life is worth it.

The bad news is that some patients have failed for a variety of reasons. Some because they expected a quick miraculous fix. Failure is part of their accepted life. Even if Fibromyalgia has been part of their life for decades or longer they will only try a program for a week or two before they quit.

Other patients, we have found, have so many multiple secondary conditions that it is difficult for them to differentiate Fibromyalgia improvement from their other health problems. Fibromyalgia, in fact, does increase the symptoms of other diseases. However, those other secondary diseases already have their own symptoms that can be quit aggressive separate from Fibromyalgia.

Another problem is the overload of medications that Fibromyalgia patients have been prescribed. I have already covered in a previous blog opioids and other medications and often how they affect patients. When a patient comes in with a full page of medications that they “must” take we know that this patient’s journey through our protocol will take longer. As I have stated numerous times Fibromyalgia patients are already struggling with multiple symptoms and then they are given medications that are loaded with the documented side effects that magnify these same symptoms.

We try to allow only those patients who really appear to want to succeed and reach for that ring of health but often we cannot look into the heart and mind of patients. We attempt to work as closely as we can with positive reinforcement for all of our program participants. We encourage new patients to talk and visit with those who have successfully gone through our protocol to help and answer there questions and concerns. Our program participants are not just numbers but individuals that we work closely to succeed and reach optimum health.