May 25, 2017

Breast Implant and Fibromyalgia – Is there a Relationship?

A number of years ago I had a female patient that doubled as a famous female singer. Her resemblance to the singer was remarkable. After performances this patient double would be ushered through the crowd to a limo that the followers and photographers would converge on. While this was happening the star singer was going out a side door with no crowd. It was great theatrics. When she was in town and available I would see her for her own chiropractic needs. After some years this double decided to have a breast enhancement. She actually came in and asked my opinion on the size she was considering.  I told her in my professional opinion that she looked just fine and that anything that a person adds to the body may very well cause a immune response.

Bottom line is that my patient did have the enhancement. The enhancement was quit large for her size. Within a month the patient became quit ill and had numerous physical reactions that eventually turned into Fibromyagia. She was in constant body pain. She finally decided to have the implants removed but it was too late. Her body was racked with the Fibromyalgia disease. Her anger actually turned toward me for not talking her out of doing the implants. I don’t know what she did with the doctor that actually did the surgery.

The reason why I bring this breast enhancement decision up is that within the past two weeks there was a television program on how many women were suffering various reactions from these surgeries. Of course the surgeons and the AMA supported the idea of breast implants as safe and the idea that this procedure would cause health problems was as about as believable as the condition of Fibromyalgia. ( That last part was obviously my own idea of how allopaths think if it affects some recognized procedure they are making a lot of money from.)

Fact: When a foreign body is added into your body you immune system will react. Sometimes there is a minimal negative reaction.  The body says “we can deal with that”. Sometimes especially if your immune system is already compromised your body will attack itself and cause a medical problem. This problem might be Fibromyalgia if you already have a genetic factor that triggers this condition. Just a reminder that Fibromyalgia is triggered by some physical, emotional or chemical trauma or multiples of these. I think surgery and implanting objects in your body is considered a trauma. If you have already had this procedure and you have had no negative physical reaction then you are fortune and your body has accepted your surgery. If, however, you are considering this procedure be aware of possible physical complication. One of the worse being Fibromyalgia.