March 13, 2017

Your Immune System and the Food You Eat

Quit simply your immune system keeps you healthy. However, it’s up to you as to what you do to weaken or strengthen it. Regardless of your present health condition your body’s immune system is constantly on guard for attacks from virus and bacterial invasion. There are other insidious problems just waiting in your body for the moment of weakness to attack. Among the many health conditions is cancer. Science believes that most individuals have living cancer cells in them right now. The immune system is keeping them from becoming active.  Most people do not even think of how their body is functioning to keep them healthy. One of the easiest ways to safeguard yourself from disease of any sort is a proper “rainbow” diet. The term rainbow relates to the numerous vegetables that should be a major part of your daily diet.

When I work with patients in our clinic I suggest a restricted hypoglycemic diet rich in vegetables and fruits. We also suggest poultry and fish rich in Omega- 3 as part of their food consumption. I was taught years ago that when I go to a super market I shop along the periphery and not the aisles where inflammatory food traps may lay in waiting for you. At least consider organic if you can afford it. Two thirds of the portion of your plate when you eat should be a variety of colorful vegetables. My Fibromylgia patients know that if they eat a lot of inflammatory foods that they will suffer a great deal of pain. If you want to either get or stay healthy review what foods you are eating. For most too much red meat is inflammatory. This is also true for many individuals when they ingest sugar, gluten or dairy products. Know your foods and what reaction they are causing after you’ve eaten them.

Science has tied disease and inflammation together. Why would you tempt fate or your body’s ability to stay healthy by constantly eating foods that weaken your immune system? Once your immune system is weakened your body is susceptible to all sorts of health conditions that will affect your enjoyment in life. If you already are suffering from a health condition the “rainbow” diet will help alleviate a great deal of your suffering and allow your immune system to function properly.

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