January 22, 2017

Happy New Year! The Weight Loss and Diet Rush to Nowhere!

My goodness.  We are under attack from diet and weight loss sales programs. From the well known company owners, like Oprah, to the old standards and new miracle programs they are taking over all the advertising in this new year.  Of course it seems every new year one of the first resolutions is to lose that weight and get into shape. When I go to workout, which I still do regularly, I notice during this new year period a barrage of people intent on following through with that new year’s resolution of exercise and diet. Their presence and persistence on the exercise portion usually lasts for about a month or less as they try to do too much too soon and often injure themselves. They get frustrated and decide to try it next year.

This is also true for the diet portion of their new year’s resolution. The stress from the addictive foods that people are unable to control leads to a quick demise of their resolution. You probably have heard that diets do not work. They don’t work because they are a diet. For anyone to lose weight you must detox your system first. Our program starts with a gentle detox to rid your system of garbage that has accumulated in your intestine and liver. Otherwise foods will not process through your system properly. Our detox program is very gentle and does not cause any adverse reaction.

Along with the detox portion of our program we remove all of the inflammatory addictive foods from your diet for two weeks. After the two weeks you are able to add one food from the restricted addictive foods list every 72 hours to see if you have a bad  reaction from that food. Bad reactions are headaches, hives, bloating, etc. This is not a diet because patients are able to eat everything except sugar, gluten, trans fatty acids and dairy. These are the foods that are not allowing you to be healthy and lose that ugly weight. They are for most people inflammatory. This is not a starvation program. You are able to eat vegetables, fruits, chicken, fish, shellfish and turkey.

The benefits from this program are a healthy you that loses weight. We have had success with this program with both Fibromyalgia and our regular patients. Your immune will love you for this program. It will mean a more active you and less doctor visits which means it will save you money.

Our program is called:   RESHAPE YOUR LIFE AND YOUR BODY

Contact our clinic for more details if you are interested.

480-948-4955/ dcken2000@cs.com

P.S. This program is tax deductible