October 3, 2016

“Tis” The Season for Fibromyalgia Patients.

Well, not quite the season yet for the holidays. However, for most patients suffering from any inflammatory condition especially Fibromyalgia patients, as of October expect a number of changes you must be ready to face.  Most of the concerns that these patients must face involve weather changes and their affect on the joints and various other body systems.  Numerous research studies have been done on seasonal barometric weather changes and how they affect the body. When the weather changes from the warm soft summer breezes to the chilling dampness of the fall season expect your body go through adjustments. For those who have inflammatory conditions that I previously mentioned their bodies have a difficult time adjusting to these weather changes. Joint pain and stiffness along with fatigue are common. Your body is working harder to move because the joints don’t have that fluid that allowed them to move so smoothly during the warm weather.

Other than the usual over the counter medications found in your home drug store cabinet for pain relief why don’t you try the following.

  1. Although I am not subscribing to full blown exercise program as an answer to this problem I am suggesting stretching below pain. When you stretch you release “oil” in your joints that allow for smooth pain free motion. The key to this is to keep your stretching below pain. Once you reach a point of discomfort then stop the stretch even if it only a few inches. Motion will improve if you keep the motion below pain. For those of us who remember, think priming the water pump. Initially no water and little motion then as you add some water, that “oil” I spoke of, the pump begins to move and water or full motion is produced. For those of you who don’t know of priming the pump ask your elder relatives or google it.
  2. Many foods that you eat are inflammatory. They include sugar, gluten, trans fatty acids and dairy. Not all of these foods are inflammatory to all individuals, however, just try staying away from them for a few days, a week if possible,  and you may start to feel a lot less pain and more mobile with less fatigue. Feeling less pain and stiffness means you’ll be able to enjoy this very colorful pre-holiday season and the holidays.