September 19, 2016

MTHFR- The Answer for Fibromyalgia or Is it?

I receive a lot of comments from individuals concerning my blogs. Most are complimentary and some question more than a few professional things about what I am doing. I don’t mind because although I am confident in my work with Fibromyalgia patients based upon my many years of clinic work I also recognize the fact that there are some programs that do more help than harm. My belief is if it helps the Fibromyalgia patient with their symptoms without any side affects then go for it. My belief, based again upon my success working directly with patients since 1990, is that the protocol we use is the only one that treats the condition and not just the symptoms.

A recent apparent unhappy e-mailer suggested a number of things including the genetic mutation condition with the letters MTHFR along with vaccine contamination, Lyme disease, and chemical sensitivity. First, I again appreciate all comments and questions and I will try to answer all of these and some others. As to the vaccine, Lyme disease and chemical sensitivity these I have mentioned in one form or another in blogs or my book. Fibromyalgia, by research, has been found to be triggered by some physical, emotional or chemical trauma or multiples there of. The above mentioned items, vaccine, etc. are those items that often trigger the condition of Fibromyalgia. Actually I would like to further clarify that due to the genetic  factor involved these patients already have fibromyalgia and with these triggering factors the symptoms are forced to the surface in an aggressive form.

In 2003 a genetic study called the Human Genome Project found that over 50% of the population has a mutation of this MTHFR gene. Before you start jumping out of basement windows let me explain. I’m not going to spell out this 25 letter word but you can look it up with the letters I used. This mutated gene when defective reduces your body’s ability to break down toxins or heavy metals which can cause cardiovascular problems, cancers, miscarriages and a number of other health problems. The gene is passed down from your parents.

The good news is there is more than one mutation of the MTHFR gene which then causes many combinations of MTHFR and that there are only two of many combinations that are problematic and that Fibromyalgia is not part of the MTHFR gene but more anecdotal than solid science.

Almost finally, I receive many suggested causes for Fibromyalgia. Within the past two weeks I received an apparent study that “Optic nerve thinning suggests Fibromyalgia is a Neurodegenerative disease. Another doctor believes that Fibromyalgia is caused by toxicity, infection and food sensitivities. Some of which sounds like MTHFR and some of his belief centers around what our protocol follows including detoxing food sensitivities that are inflammatory out of the patient’s diet.

To review if it works to reduce your symptoms and does not cause any additional health problems then I’m happy for you. If you prefer taking care of the condition then contact me. I may have the answer for you. Check the patient videos that have gone through our protocol.

Best wishes,

Dr. Ken