July 24, 2016

MAGNESIUM! – It’s a BIG Deal if You are a Fibromylagia Patient.

MagnesiumIt seems as though I get at least one article a week from various sources, medical and otherwise, on magnesium. Based upon the information being sent out, almost all organs of the body are under attack from the lack of magnesium in most Americans today. There is a great deal of research on magnesium and it appears as though most of it centers around older Americans failure to get enough magnesium. It is recommended that we consume at least 600 milligrams per day. For the general public, magnesium is essential for cardiovascular health. For fibromyalgia patients, magnesium has a much more pointed importance.

Low energy levels, inefficient metabolism which causes an increase in body fat, constant inflammatory conditions and a persons inability to function in society are just a few of the symptoms that fibromyalgia patients must deal with. Energy is produced by a minuscule component of the cell called the mitochondria. Of all the components of the cell, the mitochondria are the most important because of its production of ATP (adenosine 5′-triphosphate) which produces energy for all the tissues of your body. For fibromyalgia patients, the production of ATP for energy, repair of tissue, and so many other bodily functions that are taken for granted, is essential for the patient’s return to health and “normalcy.” Studies believe that adults have approximately 10 billion mitochondria which adds up to approximately an unbelievable 10% of our body weight. Think of mitochondria as energizer bunnies, gas in your automobile or super power plants, because that is what they are.

In our published research, fibromyalgia patients have huge excesses of calcium within their cells. Magnesium stimulates the mitochondria to not only produce energy through ATP, but also release calcium from the cells. The importance of this is, as mentioned in other blogs and my book, that excess calcium stored in your cells stimulates your muscles to constantly be at a state of activity even during rest. This is a little know physiological fact. That is why fibromyalgia patients can “sleep” for 8, 10, 12 hours or more and feel as though they have had no sleep at all. The excess calcium in your cells, with their constant tissue activity, does not allow you to reach deep rem sleep. The by-product of this is that without deep sleep your tissues due not heal. Small or large injuries or illnesses do not respond and it usually takes three to five times the normal time to heal. With magnesium stimulating the mitochondria to produce energy through ATP, the fibromyalgia patient becomes more active and you start thinking more clearly.  Your organs including the heart, liver and kidneys, now functioning along with brain and skeletal muscles, allow you to start burning that excess fat from lack of activity and fatigue.

Magnesium plays an important part in our fibromyalgia protocol. To learn more about this treatment protocol, view the video testimonials from the many patients who have gone through our program here on the website, or e-mail me directly with your questions or concerns at dcken2000@cs.com.

Wishing you a super day.

Dr. Ken