July 4, 2016

A SAD Day! A Leader Leaves, Creating an Opening for a Serious Fibromyalgia Supporter.

Sad faceI recently received an e-mail from a dear friend and supporter of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue patients, Diane Kennelly. She will be resigning from her position as the leader of the East and North Valley Fibro/Chronic Pain and Chronic Fatigue Support Group. As she stated in her email, the groups have been her “babies” since August 2009.

For those who are not involved in these conditions, you have no idea the time and effort it has taken by this lady to keep all of its members abreast of proper medical developments, meeting places, communication with members, all while still dealing with the health conditions that deprive most people of their normal life

I would like to remind every member of these groups who are reading this, how truly lucky you are to have had such an outstanding leader. Years ago as a member of the National Fibromyalgia Association, I saw first-hand from its leaders how difficult and frustrating it was to do the work they accomplished. Remember that just getting out of bed for many is a full time job. Add to that the “fibro fog” and daily changing symptoms, and one wonders how anything is accomplished.

Enter Diane Kennelly, full of PMA (Positive Mental Attitude), ready to help everyone who was suffering from these conditions through facilitating the interactions between members. I was always astonished whenever I attended the meeting at the constant positive attitude given off by Diane. How did she do it? I wish I could have spent more time attending the meetings. My reason was, and still is, spending time with my fibromyalgia, CFS and pain patients in my clinic. Whenever frustration from working with patients entered my mind, I always thought of Diane and the great work she was doing for each of the members. Her leadership will surely be missed by all, including myself, and all future members.

leadershipI hope someone will step forward and fill this leadership position. Yes, you are stepping into some very large shoes that Diane is leaving behind. However, her work should not go for naught. Someone, or a committee with rotating leadership, hopefully will continue her work. I cannot lead the groups because I would be attempting to lead with my protocol which is not accepted by all members. Whatever the members are doing for treatment, if it works for them and gives them their life back, that’s the most important thing.

Thank YouFrom myself and all the members, I wish a big THANK YOU to you Diane Kennelly for all the work, love and support these many years.  May your work continue to live on through the members.

I look forward to visiting with you in the near future.

In gratitude,

Dr. Ken