April 3, 2016

Fibromyalgia – Not an Excuse for Obesity!

We’re going to covering a sensitive subject today and that is obesity and how it affects every one including those who are carrying the extra weight of Fibromyalgia on their shoulders.

I was finally able to take some time off over the Easter Holiday with family and friends. During this time while at a resort we had taken some time to enjoy  a day at the pool where we were staying. They had both family and adult pools. We took the opportunity to go to the adult facility. While there I was shocked at how many of the adults had literally “let themselves go” with excess weight. I understand that there are numerous health conditions that have a definite bearing on a persons ability to control weight. However, based upon the amount of food and drink that these people were consuming I doubt that these people cared about what they were doing to themselves and their conditions.

In the almost 30 years that I have been working with Fibromyalgia patients many have come in that have openly state that since their Fibromyalgia symptoms began they have found it difficult to control weight due to fatigue and other symptoms. Many had gained 40 pounds or more.  I have mentioned numerous times that many of the foods that people ingest are inflammatory and often affect the individuals ability to control their weight. Of course you can go one one of the many “miracle” fast weight loss diet$$$$$. Everything from drinks to cookies to you fill in the blanks of those programs that have little if any long term benefits. If you are a Fibromyalgia patient just barely surviving you know what I am speaking of.

When our patients begin our program they are placed on a restricted hypoglycemic food restriction program. Notice, I did not say diet. This program removes sugar, gluten, trans fatty acids and dairy out of their diet for approximately 3 weeks. What they are left with is foods that have not been found to be inflammatory. They include many fruits, vegetables, chicken, fish, shell fish and turkey along with natural ingredients including extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, stevia, etc.

Along with the restricted food program during this three weeks we place each patient on a very gentle liver and kidney detox. This is important to remove many of the toxins that have  built up by the many medications that they have taken along with the many inactive life style changes brought on by Fibromyalgia. If the patient stays strict to the program they will and have lost 10,20,30 pound and more because they are removing barriers in their body that are restricting the body from performing normal evacuation procedures and their pain level reduces because of the removal of inflammatory foods. After the three week period the patient is instructed on how they are able to add the restricted foods to their diet. If they have a “bad” reaction such as headaches, bloating, itching, sleepy, etc., etc. then the patient has a choice. Eat the food and return to being sick and probably gain the weight back or stay off that food and continue feeling great and looking pretty good also.

What’s the cost to you? The answer is how much is your health worth? Are you going to continue allowing this condition to control you and your life or are you strong enough to control it.

Contact us to help you through this program because it really works. Check our website and the many patients comments on videos.