January 10, 2016

New Year’s Resolution – Diet and Lose Weight – AGAIN??

Machine, be good to me this year. Or else, I'm sticking you under the bed again.

Machine, be good to me this year. Or else, I’m sticking you under the bed again.

You’ve probably heard it numerous times since the New Year from various advertising sources. So many diet and weight loss advertising programs that it makes your head spin. Ok, so you cheated over the holidays and now the guilt process starts. Regardless of what your health condition may be, the answer is simple and direct. Restrict or eliminate sugar, gluten, trans-fatty acids and dairy from your food and you will not only lose weight but also feel a lot healthier. I have been preaching this to my patients and especially those who are suffering from fibromyalgia and my patients have found not only health but also weight loss. For those who eliminate these products totally from their diet the weight loss is often quit dramatic by as much as 30 to 40 lbs.

I’m happy to say that after many years of preaching, that many experts have concluded that these foods are a dietary health problem for many people. They are often inflammatory and addictive to many people without the individual even realizing it.

Just recently the government brought out new dietary restrictions. One of the first is the restriction of sugar in the diet of individuals to no more than 10% of the daily intake. The government should have also included the “fake” sugars in those yellow and blue packets that for many people cause neurological problems.

I’m sure many of you have heard or read about gluten and it’s affects on many people. The reaction after ingesting gluten can be either aggressive or subtle. Gluten has been shown to be directly involved in numerous health conditions.

Trans-fatty acids are found in red meat, pork and almost all boxed or packaged foods. It’s what give these food a “shelf life.” Trans-fatty acids stimulate chemicals in the brain that produce something called prostaglandins which is your primary source of inflammation and pain in the body. If you are already in pain when you ingest these foods you’re really adding gasoline to the fire.

Many people have intestinal problems with dairy products. When this occurs it causes again an inflammatory problem that weakens the body’s immune system.

These “strongly” suggested dietary restrictions are the most important part of our very successful pre-protocol that we have our fibromyalgia patients start with. If this program is successful for our fibromyalgia patients there is no reason why it will not work for you. Now even experts agree with our program! After so many years of my preaching who would have thought!