June 22, 2015

Fibromyalgia treatment program coming to YOUR neighborhood!

Many fibromyalgia patients from throughout the United States have been contacting our clinic trying to find out how they can start this very successful treatment protocol. Contacts from California, Texas, Florida, Iowa, Illinois, Connecticut and many more have requested information on the protocol.The patient videos show how successful this protocol can be.

Obviously I cannot do proper justice to executing a program that requires a trained doctor’s personal “hands on approach’ to lead each patient properly through the protocol, when distance is a problem.  As I have stated before, just reading my book and following the protocol still requires a doctor who is properly trained to assist you in answering your concerns and questions  about the pre-protocol, protocol, mapping and the amount and changes in guaifenesin, to name just a few. Most patients that have failed or quit the program, have tried it on their own without any doctor’s guidance. The protocol doesn’t work that way because no two patients are alike in symptoms or secondary conditions.

That is why recently I have received accreditation in Arizona to start teaching the fibromyalgia protocol for CEU’s, or certified educational units, that almost all states require for doctors to have for re-licensing. I am presently working to be certified in most states. The seminar will teach doctors the protocol and they will receive certificates of completion in training in order for these doctors to work with you in your “neighborhood.” Once they have completed the course, we will be able to refer fibromyalgia patients in their area to help them work through the protocol correctly.



If you wish to have your doctor trained in this fibromyalgia protocol or if  your doctor is interested in being certified, contact us at this website or e-mail at info@fibrowellnesscentercom. Those who contact use will have priority for training. As soon as we receive certification to teach the program in your state we will be setting up a training schedule in your area. This is your opportunity to help us help you.

Recently in the clinic we released two more fibromyalgia patients from regular care because they had no symptoms and were living pain free lives!They are able to do all the things they were unable to do prior to starting our protocol.

It’s time for you to start living the life you wish you had. A pain free active life style is at hand. Just reach for it!



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