November 16, 2014

Fibromyalgia: Inflammation or Elimination

This article will talk about the key issue that fibromyalgia, and all chronic pain patients,have that keeps them from becoming symptom free. How controlling inflammation was the success in the pre-protocol that leaves patients symptom free.


Fire in the hole or is it “Whole” as in whole body when it comes to fibromyalgia patients. Of course this fire better know as the common term inflammation can be associated with all health problems. Everything from cardiovascular conditions to obesity to premature aging have been found through research to be directly related to inflammation.

There are really two forms of inflammation. One is the acute inflammatory response from trauma such as injuries causing cuts or bruises. The redness and swelling that can usually be seen. The second form of inflammation is more insidious or sneaky called “chronic systemic inflammation”. This is the type of inflammation that has been found to disrupt the body’s normal immune mechanisms that are involved in so many debilitating conditions such as cancer, diabetes,  Alzheimer’s,  inflammatory bowel disease and many others including fibromyalgia. We now know through clinical work and research that fibromyalgia exacerbates other conditions that the patient has. The reason why I state other conditions is that through my 25 years working with fibromyalgia patients all have multiple symptoms along with multiple conditions.

Understand, you cannot nor do you wish to remove  the inflammatory response completely from your body. Otherwise your body would not be able to signal an immune response to any health problems you may have.

For fibromyalgia patients controlling and reducing inflammation is a prerequisite to removing their painful, irritating symptoms and reversing their condition. This has been accomplished through the following protocol:

First, we place the patient on a gentle liver/kidney detoxification to remove toxins from from the many medications that fibromyalgia patients are usually placed on for their treatment.This will allow for nutrients from food to be absorbed properly into their system.

Second, we remove any possible foods from the patient’s diet that might be inflammatory.  Foods such as gluten, trans-fatty acids, red meet and boxed foods, and other commonly found inflammatory addictive foods are removed during this detox period usually lasting 2 to 3 weeks. After the detox period we have the patient add one food at a time that has been restricted  from their diet checking for any inflammatory reaction. If there is a reaction such as itchy, scratchy, sneezy, headachey, sleepy, etc. the patient is instructed to remove that food from their diet.

Third, as part of the anti-inflammatory protocol, the patient is instructed to take Omega-3 fish oil.  An important element of omega-3 is EPA, ecosapentanoic acid, which is a very potent reducer of inflammation.

When our patients follow our protocol of reducing their inflammation there response is quit dramatic. Most patients feel a reduction of symptoms and overall improvement within ten days. There improvement continues as additional aspects of the treatment program are introduced.

Pain free, symptom free and able to plan for tomorrow, next week, next year are all possible with our protocol that  concentrates on treating the condition and not just the symptoms. Some of our patients are now over eight years living normal lives through our program. Check a recent Utube on our website of interviews of some of our fibromyalgia patients now living normal pain free lives. Lives that they had only dreamed of.

A “Healthy” you is available if you wish.




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