August 25, 2014

Someone in Washington Woke Up The Sleeping Dinosaur!

I keep preaching to my patients that regardless what they hear or read be sure to “CHECK THE INGREDIENTS ON THE LABEL.”

In the past gluten-free on a label or product did not always mean what it says. Think of it like listening to a politician. They say what they think you want to hear. Truth is only a word and not a fact when it comes to food labeling and its many aspects. Whether it being advertising or product labeling, the bottom line for many manufacturers is getting the product sold and off the shelves. I have found this to be true with many vitamin and supplement companies that ride the profit wagon to the stars. In our clinic, I evaluate each product that I use in my fibromyalgia protocol. I also personally try, as in ingesting, each product to evaluate any reaction.

Gluten is and has been a bomb for many patients that suffer numerous side affects. My daughter is so sensitive to gluten that if she eats off a spoon or fork that has been used on gluten products she will end up wrapped in a ball in the bathroom with severe cramps and diarrhea. Not everyone reacts like this, however, without proper labeling many patients might be suffering needlessly.

Today the federal government through the FDA, established proper “gluten-free” regulations. Gluten-free products must contain less than 20 part per million of gluten. This amount is recognized by the medical community to be low enough that MOST people who are gluten sensitive will not become sick from the product.

Buyer of gluten-free products beware! “MOST” means that if you do purchase a “glutefn-ree” product eat small amounts initially to ascertain whether or not you have a negative reaction. When I say negative, I am referring to my example of the “seven dwarfs” in physical reaction such as “itchy, scratchy, sneezy, headachey, dopey, sleepy, bloaty or any of the many other reactions to many to mention at this time. Add a little of the product at a time to your diet to assure that this product is truly safe for you.

Any questions or comments please feel free to send them in to me.

You can read the full article from hereStarting this week, “gluten-free” labels on packaged foods have real meaning. Until now, the term “gluten-free” had not been regulated, and manufacturers made their own decisions about what it means.

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