August 11, 2014

Time for Some Humor in Our Clinic :-)

Being in practice for over 30 years, our goal has always been to treat each patient with respect, honesty and hard work in order to reach a solution to the individuals health issue. Concentrating on finding the patients condition and not just treating symptoms, has set us aside from many other health providers. This has been the key to our success in working with patients and especially our program for fibromyalgia patients.

We’re always serious about taking care of our patients, however, after so many years we have had many humorous events that we could write a book about. Here are some of these funnies, not at the expense of any named patient.

*** Some years ago a young gentleman entered the clinic complaining of sciatic pain down the buttock and leg to the knee. Not very funny. He was asked how long he had the problem. Straight faced he said at least 6 months. Why did he take so long to come in for treatment and why all of a sudden now? He stated his boss was coming into town for a review and he needed to be free of pain in a day. Anyone ready for a miracle on this case?

***A patient was irate after contacting our clinic. He said he called numerous times but no one returned his call. In conversation he was asked when he left messages. He said he didn’t leave messages. He stated we should have known he was trying to call us. Ooops! My crystal ball wasn’t working that day.

***A patient came in complaining of foot and low back pain for the past month with no trauma. While doing a examination we found not only was the patient wearing two different shoes but they also were of different sizes. Patient stated he never looked that closely at his shoes.


***A new patient came into the clinic for treatment. She was kind enough to also bring in her x-rays. When I placed them on the view box they turned out to be x-rays of her dog.

*** (Even the doctor must live and learn by his mistakes) Being in practice for as many years as I have I’ve made some bloopers. As a doctor I am also owner of a business and therefore I need to hire individuals that work closely with our patients. Most of our employees have been wonderful and they really have become part of our clinic family. Every once in a while we miss on one. After interviewing then hiring one employee as a therapist in our clinic, she told us she couldn’t work on patients because it would mess up her manicured fingernails. Obviously we had to part ways.

***Another short term employee couldn’t get up before 10:00 AM. That’s a problem when your clinic opens at 8:00 AM.

There is nothing better than working with our patients and seeing them return to a healthy lifestyle.

Thank you to all the past, present and future patients that have allowed myself and staff to do what we love, return YOU to health.

Dr. Ken







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