March 24, 2014

Fibromyalgia – A Successful Journey Includes Time and Patience

In working “with” fibromyalgia patients over the past 25 years I have found the one factor that measured the success or failure of  each individual was patience. Since almost all fibromyalgia patients have tried literally every conceivable potion, program or drug for their condition, it seems practical that when a truly viable protocol comes along that most would turn away from it.

In truth, many patients have begun our protocol and have failed. Failure was due to a lack of patience. As I’ve mentioned in past writings this “condition” is one in which each and every one of your cells throughout your body is affected. Because of this it takes TIME and especially PATIENCE to allow your cells to return to normalcy.

How long you might ask? If a patient follows our protocol without deviating and getting creative most patients require 3 to 6 months. Most patients start feeling some improvement during the first 2 to 3 weeks during the dietary detox pre-protocol.

Remember, we are treating your underlying condition and not just the symptoms. Along with improvement in symptoms most patients also find that they start losing weight which allows them to regain some of their stamina which improves their fatigue factor. The ability to think more clearly as the “Fibro Fog” begins to disappear. Many other symptoms begin to improve including those other conditions that the fibromyalgia always seems to make worse.

Three to six months is an insignificant period of time unless you’ve gone through so many promises and failures. Yet, I know through the many patients that have succeeded with our program that YOU will only have one regret. The regret being that you did not partake of this program earlier.

How long are you going to accept pain and suffering when the answer is already in front of you. Forget the past promises and failures and come join a life of health that you had only previously dreamed of.

Best wishes in health and happiness ~

Dr. Ken

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  1. Hi there, I suffer from fibromyalgia, cervical and ankylosing spondylitis, zero negative arthiris, oesteoarthiritis, Raynaurds phenomenon, heart problems, chronic urticaria, and chronic pain and headaches. I have read your short, but, interesting piece on fibromyalgia. I was wondering if you could enlighten me more about your program?
    Thank you.
    Janette. X

    • Hello Janette
      Please excuse the delay in returning a response.

      My journey working with fibromyalgia patients began in 1990 when I was asked to testify in a court case involving one of my patients. Prior to this the patient was not diagnosed with fibromyalgia. However, after she was involved in an automobile accident the incident triggered her fibromyalgia condition. Research has shown that fibromyalgia has been triggered by some physical, emotional or chemical event or a combination or multiples of these. I obtained “THE” research paper from the American College of Rheumatology naming and establishing the 18 specific points of tenderness and whatever research information they had at that time. With this informative and published work that I introduced the patient won a very successful case against the insurance and medical society who during the trial painted my patient as someone looking for a financial reward. From this court case and the information I obtained from the research paper I began to attract fibromyalgia patients. I used every treatment technique I had at my disposal including chiropractic, physical therapy, rehabilitation, acupuncture, cold laser and others that I learned from various seminars I attended. Nothing really worked and I was about to give up under frustration when two events occurred. One was a suicide in Phoenix from a 30 year young wife and mother who was rejected by doctors and told that her pain was all in her head. The second event was an invitation to a fibromyalgia conference in Phoenix that would introduce Dr. St. Amands protocol. This conference had almost 3000 people attend from all over the world. About a third of the attendees were physicians and the rest were patients that either were on Dr. Ste. Amand’s protocol or those who wanted to know more about his program. I was so impressed by the patient comments about how they were unable to function and now they were living normal pain free lives that I just had to find out about this treatment program.
      At this conference I met Dr. Ste. Amand and his main research partner, Claudia Marek. They introduced the program and taught me the protocol. I began to introduce the protocol to my patients. The problem we faced was how long it was taking for some patients to feel improvement. A lot of patients began dropping out of the program. Both patients and myself felt the frustration. I decided to find a way for fibromyalgia patients to feel improvement more quickly. The commonality in all fibromyalgia patients is inflammation. Regardless whether or not it shows up on any tests or not I decided to attack the individuals inflammatory condition.
      My pre-protocol involves a 3 week period in which we have the patients go through a very gentle detox along with a restricted hypoglycemic diet removing all sugar, gluten, trans-fatty acids and dairy. We place patients on natural anti-inflammatories including Omega-3, malic acid among some other natural products. This is not a starvation dietary detox. There are many foods that we offer on our list. Patients began to feel better within a week after we removed toxins and inflammatory foods that are feeding the pain. After this detox period the patient transfers to Dr. Ste Amand’s protocol. Overall the patients that stay on the protocol have had tremendous success. Since we began the program we have had patients that have been living normal lives for as long as 7 years and longer. The reason for this success is that this is the only treatment program for fibromyalgia patients that treats the condition and not just the symptoms. All of this information and a lot more is included in my book FIBROMYALGIA, Falsehoods, Fakers, and Facts.
      Sorry for the lengthy answer. After working with fibromyalgia patients since 1990 there is no short answer but there is a successful answer for those with fibromyalgia.
      Best wishes and thank you for your interest.
      Let me know if you need any further information.

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